At the 335th Session of the Governing Body, there are some documents and discussions which may have implications on the conditions of employment and work of ILO staff. Please find below an ABC for this Session with comments of the ILO Staff Union…

Administrative Tribunal: 335/PFA/12/1: The document observes the pressure on the ILO Administrative Tribunal through the withdrawal of four international organizations from its jurisdiction. The Staff Union fears that these developments might have a negative impact on the impartiality and independence of judges.

Building Renovation: GB.335/PFA/3: The ILO Staff Union regrets the two-pace advancement of the building renovation work: colleagues that are located in the inferior part of the building are still potentially exposed to asbestos (even though “the asbestos is contained and of no immediate danger”) and are more at risk with regard to a possible fire.

Cost considerations affecting support staff: GB. 335/PFA/1: Paragraph 46 of the document refers to cost considerations, the Business Process Review and “better value for money”. The ILO Staff Union notes that these cost considerations have led to a considerable decrease in the number of G staff over recent years, colleagues which now often face an additional workload and ever shorter deadlines to the detriment of their health.

Diversity among staff: GB. 335/PFA/11:  This document informs on the establishment of an action plan by the Office to ensure geographical diversity and gender balance among its staff. While welcoming these efforts, the ILO Staff Union is of the view that diversity does not only relate to geographical and gender balance, but goes much further including also variety in terms of social origin, languages spoken, professional background, disability, and sexual orientation, among others.

International Civil Service Commission (developments regarding the review of the consultative process of ICSC and reform of the post adjustment methodology): GB. 335/PFA/13: The ILO Staff Union continues to observe the usual – now chronic- delaying tactics that it has already seen in the past.

Pensions: GB. 335/PFA/INF/5: paragraph 14 refers to possible amendments to the United Joint Staff Pension Board, which the ILO Staff Union fears will have serious consequences with regard to the representativeness of the ILO in this common Board.

The ILO Staff Union Committee



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