The ILO Staff Union Committee (SUC) of Bangkok recently contributed to the construction of 18 temporary houses in the Desa Jogo Oge area for the victims of the earthquake in the Sulawesi region in Indonesia. This assistance was provided to affected families with the support of a local NGO, Yayasan Wahana Bakti Sejahtera. In the recent past, several mobilisation campaigns were launched by the SUC in Bangkok to provide assistance to those in need of immediate aid and assistance (including in other regions than Indonesia, such as in Mexico and Southern Nepal after the disastrous events in 2017). These fundraising campaigns have helped to express solidarity to the victims of those natural disasters, even though staff union members often feel that in light of the humanitarian and environmental challenges, the real needs are enormous. We thank all colleagues who have contributed with their donation to show sympathy and provide some solace.

SUC Bangkok

 If you have further questions on the procedure regarding the organization of the promotional campaigns undertaken in the past, please contact:

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