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Once upon a time, in a village nestled in the heart of the African savannas, there was a revered old lion named Simba. Simba was known not only for his strength and cunning but also for his immeasurable wisdom. The young lions of the village, curious and eager to learn, would gather around him every time he set out for a hunt.

One day, as the sun set on the horizon, Simba rose and announced that it was time to go on a hunt. The younger lions, excited by this rare opportunity, eagerly joined him. Throughout the hunt, Simba demonstrated masterful hunting techniques, using his cunning and power with impressive grace.

During the hunt, Simba paused, and in a moment of calm, he shared a first African proverb: “Knowledge is the wisdom of the elders passed down to future generations.” The young lions, attentive, understood that this hunt was more than just a quest for food; it was a life lesson.

Upon returning to the village, the younger lions were filled with gratitude towards Simba. They had learned much more than hunting techniques; they had gained the wisdom that shapes characters and illuminates paths. Simba, observing the glimmer of understanding in the eyes of the young lions, shared a second African proverb: “A prosperous village is one where generations walk hand in paw.”

Thus, in this African village, the proverb “When the lion goes hunting, the younger lions learn to roar” became a living truth. The young lions, guided by Simba’s wisdom, became the future guardians of their community, ready to pass on the torch of knowledge and harmony.

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