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In the heart of the vast plains of the African Savannah, where baobabs stand tall like lazy giants and lions strut around as if they were the kings of the world, lived a giraffe like no other, named Gerald. Gerald was known for his impressive height, but more so for his quirky sense of humour that made everyone who crossed his path burst into fits of laughter.

One fine day, as the sun rose with all the pomp it could muster, Gerald decided it was high time to organise a safari unlike any other for the young animals of the Savannah. The young animals, drawn by the prospect of a funny and adventure-filled outing, joined him with great enthusiasm. Throughout their wacky journey, Gerald taught them the tricks of survival in the Savannah, like how to avoid grumpy lions and how to protect themselves from hungry mosquitoes.

During their safari, as they rested in the shade of a quirky tree, Gerald delivered a quirky maxim: “Anyone who wants to climb a baobab must have a darn good paw!” The young animals, shaking with laughter, realised that life in the Savannah could be as funny as it was unpredictable.

Upon their return to their starting point, the young animals were filled with gratitude towards Gerald. They had learned much more than survival skills; they had discovered the value of friendship, laughter, and light-heartedness in a sometimes serious world. Gerald, noticing the radiant smiles on the faces of the young animals, shared another quirky wisdom: “In the jungle of life, it’s better to have a good dose of humour than to take oneself too seriously.”

Amidst the daily stress at the workplace with endless meetings, mountains of work, avalanche of deadlines, which are all recipes for a dreary workplace, a little humour,  a kind reminder for a needed response in MS Teams, a gentle request for information and a smile as you greet colleagues, would go a long way to create and transform our workplace. Be the “Gerald” that your colleagues needs from time to time. Be inspired by Gerald’s positive attitude, and become ambassadors of smiles at work, ready to spread good cheer and create a harmonious professional environment for all.

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